Accent Digital is a designer and manufacturer of a large selection of sculpted decorative panels ( 3D panel ), perforated panels and wood slat  panels.

Sculpted panels and wood slat panels represent an innovative high-end alternative in interior surface finishing.

Sculpted panels while mainly used as wall coverings (accent wall), the panels can also be used as components in the fabrication of built-in and standard furniture. They will greatly improve the atmosphere and perception of your spaces and differentiate your interior design projects.

Our wood slat panels (raMURe) come in acoustic and non-acoustic version. Use as wall and ceiling covering, raMURe panels add the warmth of wood in all environment.

Accent Digital is the specialist to refer to when traditional flat surfaces fail to adequately convey your artistic, architectural or design ideas. Our product portfolio is constantly growing, and we have the in-house expertise to design custom patterns and products.

Accent Digital strives for excellence and offers products that distinguish themselves through their originality and durability. Rest assured our products will meet your most stringent expectations for high quality surface coverings.

Designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility located in Quebec, Accent Digital’s products are delivered in all Canadian provinces and in the United States.