Accent Digital aims to offer wall and ceiling paneling wood products adding rhythms and textures to contemporary decors.  Our new collection is no exception and offers warm and luxurious wooden planks with features compatible with such decors.

The following innovations allow our wooden planks to move away from tradition and perfectly blend with very contemporary designs:

  • Geometry – we offer planks with a standard flat surface and several models of planks with a rounded sculpted surface;
  • Dimensions – the planks are large (7.325” x 96” or 186mm x 2,438mm) and each one of the exact same dimensions;
  • Groove between planks – the seam between the top surfaces of each plank is accentuated by a 3mm groove for a modern look.  It is possible to replace this groove with a spacing of 1.5mm or 6mm or to completely eliminate this groove;
  • Species and finishes – we offer an unrivaled variety of wood species and finishing options.
  • Center Mound

  • Concave

  • Convex

  • Flat (3mm grooves)

  • Flat (6mm grooves)

  • Left mound

  • Right Mound

  • Two Mounds

  • Valley

  • Waves