Each Panel’s standard dimensions will vary depending on its pattern but will be approximately 1 220mm x 2 440mm (4’ x 8’).   Please refer to each pattern’s specifications for exact standard dimensions.   Dimensions can be customized subject to applicable constraints depending on the pattern.   Maximum sizes will always be inferior to 1 220mm x 3 048mm (4’-0’’ x 10’).

Most patterns flow from one panel to the next and the panels’ large size allow to minimize seams between panels.  Seams can be filled with a filler compound to create a seamless surface, if desired.

Panels are normally sold sealed, sanded and coated with three coats of  primer.   They are ready to install and to receive the finish coating.

Accent Digital strives for excellence.   Our panels are made from superior quality wood fibers allowing precision sculpting.  Our top-of-the-line equipments allow for high consistency in the final products.  If required, we can manufacture panels with several other substrates for specialized applications, including : Moisture resistant panels, Fire-resistant panels, solid wood panels, Solid Surface (Corian®, Formica® Solid Surfacing).   We can also create customized patterns.

Please contact us if you require more information.

The images below represent samples of the different patterns. CLICK ON AN IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS FOR THIS PATTERN.

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  • Académie

  • Alterné

  • Analogue (flat top)

  • Analogue (rounded top)

  • Belle

  • Big Secret 45

  • Cannelure

  • Caprice

  • Caro

  • Cassiopée

  • Charleston

  • Charleston – little

  • Clone

  • Coquillage

  • Cosmos

  • Cristo

  • Cristo 140

  • Douve

  • Douve 2x

  • Éclosion